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Inion LT was founded in 2019 month of January. The company develops Internet of Things solutions for optimizing and monitoring electricity generated by solar power plants. Solar park investors and developers are building solar parks around the world – in countries with different climatic conditions that affect solar power generation. There are also many manufacturers of solar modules, inverters and structures and their various combinations are used for the installation of solar parks. There are several problems due to the large variety of equipment, unstable generation and the necessary tools for the management of solar parks. These problems are:

– Without the use of a unified monitoring system, it is very difficult to ensure efficient management of different solar parks and power plants.

– Solar intensity is unstable and depends on climatic conditions (cloud cover, solar intensity, number of sunny days, sun angle, day length, ambient temperature, ambient dust, etc.) and there is no reference point for the current generation level.

– There are only very simple high-error tools that predict the profitability of a solar park for the next few years.

– There are no suitable tools to assess the return on investment of solar parks before they are built in certain parts of the world and which could be used by a large number of investors.

In order to fill the gap in the lack of solutions for solar parks, the company aims to offer a working new global product – software for solar park developers and investors, which:

– provides an estimate of the return on investment of the planned solar park prior to its construction in the selected geographical area.

– helps assess the condition of managed solar parks, regardless of the equipment used.

– helps to maximize and maintain the current profitability of managed solar parks and provide a forecast for the future.

The aim of the project is to test and improve the layout of the system through research, to produce and test a prototype, which would then be developed to a product level and introduced to the market.

PV park investment estimation

To build reasonable investment estimation model research including the data from yield estimation and prediction should be performed. This model should be able to efficiently provide CAPEX and OPEX and combine it with predicted yield data. Several factors should be considered i.e. political, geographical, technical etc.

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