The development of new prediction software for PV plants

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INION LT, a pioneer in the Lithuanian PV Industry, has formed a cooperation with Green Business Norway to advance the development of new prediction software for PV plants.

The project “Solar-park financial management model implementation is receiving funding support from the 2014-2021 Norwegian Financial Mechanism ‘Business Development, Innovation and SMEs’ Call for Proposals under ICT Focus Area.

The project kicked off in September with the ambition to develop new innovative prediction models. PV plants are complex installations, where many faults can happen at the same time. Analytic tools will substantially improve the operational effectiveness and improve the quality of the forecasting.

Following a period of research, development and piloting with end users, new prediction modelling tools will consequently be launched into the market place.

INION LT is, a high-tech company operated by engineering professionals and IoT platform specialists. On the basis of a solid academic background, and operating out of Vilnius, Lithuania the current focus is monitoring and management of photovoltaic power plants with references in the biggest PV parks in Lithuania.

Green Business Norway (GBN) is a non-for-profit member organisation for the Norwegian Circular Economy and Renewable Energy Industry. With our 17 years of experience and a strong research base our contribution to the project are best practices and innovative research on modelling and forecasting tools and expertise related to planning, operations and optimisation of renewable energy production.

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